Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Easter!

I know it is way past Easter... but you all need to see the awesome pictures of my awesome meal.

Let me say first: What I know I learned from the master: My mother. Thanks Mom for being awesome! I wish you could have been here to help! Also my Dad gets an honorable mention for teaching me to carve a turkey. I wish I could have BBQ'ed the bird. That would have been great. I have also had a a lot of operational experience with Chelsea, I have helped her pull off such greatness before, and us Griffiths can spread out quite the meal. Stuff of legend.

Anyway: Wes, Marissa and Kita come over around 2 ish and we made a whole day out of it. Wes brought some Chilli (the chilli itself had a long and kind of tiresome story involving late nights, fire departments, his mother... and so on). I planned on Turkey, stuffing, green beans and mashed potatoes.

First the Turkey. Krissy (a friend in Pittsburgh who had me over for Thanksgiving twice) made her turkey in a bag. And it turned out great both times, so I took a stab at it:
In that bag is a turkey, some celery, chopped onions, and chopped apples.
It was wonderful, fast forward a few hours:
Pecker-dodle out. Ready to go.
That was way easier than I was expecting. I made gravy for the first time, the bag keeps all of the juice in one spot making it really easy. I made it a little thick, but it worked out great too!

On to the potatoes. Marissa brought some organic, locally grown potatoes. They were so cool! So colorful!
The purple ones are the same deep color on the inside too.
Once you mash them, you get an awesome swirl looking thing.
I did need one of my Grandfathers to mash... I can never get it fluffy enough.
So great turkey, great potatoes. I also made stuffing for the first time. This stuffing has been passed down from my Great Grandmother! I didn't take any pictures... you can see it later. It turned out great. I need to resist making that for every meal, it always tastes soooooo good!

And green beans: everything tastes good in bacon grease :)
Hey Look ME! And the food.
All in all the food preparation went really well. I had lots of time, things were smooth. I would definitely do it again.

My friends.
My food.
Oh, and I should not forget about this! Kita made amazing Bread Pudding. That was the perfect finish for a great feast!

I hope everyone was able to have a good Easter! I wish I could have had all of you here with me!


  1. Long live the Pecker Doodle!!!

  2. OK This is what you need for Gramps' fluffy clouds. A ricer and a masher with square holes. None of those swirly wire mashers. You need to squeeze the potatoes thru those square holes. Don't get a masher with wimpy construction, they just bend and flop around. Get a masher that you can run over with your car and it will still keep ticking. Then, lots of elbow grease. They will turn out great.