Saturday, January 14, 2012

January Things...

I noticed today that I only posted two things before today. For that I guess I have to point out that I am on break! I am on vacation! I do what I want!

...but you are all loyal fans, and I have to keep you informed! So here is a little summary:

The holidays have been good. I have really enjoyed (possibly too much (nope, I know too much, but the scale in my parents bathroom)) the being home. I have been working on a little project, well not all that little, of teaching myself how to make a kilt. It is going super well! And I am really enjoying it, but it is taking a while, and it is a lot of thinking... and pinning. Other things have been continuing to get the kinks out of my parents entertainment system. I have been spending time with friends, Trivia Night, Cheering for Gonzaga... Speaking of the Zags, being home means I actually keep track of what is going on. I have been to more Women's Zags games this season than I did men's games the entire time I was an undergrad.

Oh, and I have been playing with this guy:

That would be Master Murphy and his Christmas Bone (that is still not eaten)
January Pluses: PJ pants
Hanging with the two best roommates

January Minuses: Blue Ray (more to come about this...)
No Snow :(
Sedentary Life (and it is showing (I just looked up how to spell 'sedentary' and landed here, I think I am going to make that my motivating home page...))

Coming Up! A Trip to B-Town. Yep, I am heading to Boston on Tuesday to look for an apartment! I am stoked! Another MIT funded trip, but this time I will be joined by Gwyn! She is going to back me up and give support (and look around for herself). I am excited to get this whole thing rolling.

After I get back, I will have to take care of getting all of my stuff to Lexington. That will be loads of fun... Oh well.

I think that my sedentary self needs to move from the couch (where I am now) to the bed (where I can sleep).

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