Sunday, January 22, 2012

Boston Trip: Apartment Finding

This past week I took off to Boston to search for an apartment! I got there Tuesday evening and met up with Gwyn. She and I checked out the New England fare at The Squealing Pig (of course Fish and Chips). Wednesday was consumed with seeing apartments and driving around Lexington and the surrounding area. There was a clear winner though. I introduce to you: 'The Coat Factory'

There is a lot of fancy things about this place, granite counter tops, fairly high ceilings, new appliances, electronic keys, garage parking, so on and so forth. It is about 6-7 minutes from work and about 30 minutes to downtown Boston. I am stoked! It is going to be great!

That evening Gwyn and I met up with Ashley, one of Gwyn's friends. She goes to Harvard. Which means I had to try to drive to Harvard. That was exciting. But we did make it there and picked her up and headed off to Tupelo, a great southern place. Everything was amazing.

Thursday was spent checking out The School of the Museum of Fine Arts (as in the school, for the Museum of fine arts, I was so confused about the name all day) for Gwyn. She is looking to apply there for a masters program. It was a great visit, and she is really excited now.

The whole trip was great! Lots of sights, lots of cool stuff, and an apartment!!

Now I just have to coordinate with the moving people on how to get my stuff there.

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