Saturday, September 3, 2011

Open House

So I had an open house yesterday to christen my new apartment (and for an excuse to try out the kitchen). Andrew, Sam, Tracey, Denise and Gwyn all showed up to have a good time, along with appearances from Skanda, Anna and Andrew (The former two being my roommates, and later being a temporary roommate). It was a lot of fun and very relaxing.

I did end up spending most of the day before 7:00 preparing for the event. Starting with a Costco trip around One-ish with Gwyn for supplies and lunch (yeah $1.50 Hot Dogs!). The I spent the rest of the time preparing the following:

Pita Chips and Hummos (ok, I didn't prepare, I just laid out)
A Vegetable Plate (ok, I am 0 for 2, Gwyn basically did all of this for me)
Stuffed Mushrooms (half point for me! Gwyn filled them...)
Gummi Bears (we have a HUGE bag of them... we need to get rid of them)

Second Course:
Garlic Asparagus
Bacon Cups
Fried Chicken Specks (also a new adventure for me, basically Chicken Nugget, but not so corny...)

The Good stuff keeping warm in the oven.

Apple Pie

A note on the Apple Pie, Gwyn and I were going to make pie the night before, but I decided that the infrastructure for pie is really expensive, I didn't have any pie pans, I don't have a food processor, I don't have a pastry knife, I don't have an apple peeler.... the list goes on. So we got a Costco Pie. It was amazing.

I also got to experiment with my newly formed media center. Don't worry everyone who has a 'Scott's Box' (as Cassie is calling theirs): the one I have is sub par, and set up from a old salvaged computer. It barely runs.... but plays music and youtube videos wonderfully!

Gwyn trying it out the night before.

Well I am off to go work on a mobile robot lab. I am super excited! In other news: it is really hot in Pittsburgh this weekend. Already 81 degrees at 11 in the morning! Again, for those of you not used to humidity, that is like stepping out of a really hot shower.... all day long... even when you are already warm.

Happy Long Weekend Everyone!

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  1. Missed you up at Priest! Good luck this semester.