Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Skanda...

Oh, yeah. Also some time in the past few weeks it was Skanda's birthday. So in proper form I made him a cake. The process was as follows:

*Me coming in from the store with cake mix*
Skanda: Store? What are you making?
Me: Your Birthday Cake! Sorry it is late... (it was the day after)
Skanda: You don't have to do that....
Me: Yes, Yes I do.


*Me pulling first of two cakes out of the oven*
Skanda: Oh!!! That smells great!
*Skanda pulling out his plate and fork*
Me: Oh, Skanda. I am not done yet. Give me another hour or so
Skanda: Why?!?

*Me pulling the second of two cakes out of the oven*
Skanda: ANOTHER ONE!??!
*Me getting the second cake out of the pan, and placing on the frosting covering the first cake*
Me: Hey Skanda. Do you know how they make layered cake? You know the kind with frosting inbetween?
Skanda: No....
*Me pointing at the box of cake mix, with a picture of a two layer chocolate cake on it*
Me: Like this....
Skanda: I never knew... So now do I get to eat it?
Me: Hahaha, no not yet. Why don't you go sit down in the living room.
*Me latching the doors of the kitchen*


 I eventually finish cutting the sides, and frosting:

Another successful cake.

Me: Hey Skanda. Close your eyes.
Skanda: Ok....
*Me placing the cake on his lap*
Me: Ok, Open them.
Skanda: No F***ing way! You have got to be joking me!

One happy Skanda.


  1. VERY fun post. Skanda got to finally experience "Birthday! Birthday!" Scott style. Wish him a belated one for us.

  2. You even remembered the "S". Well F***in done Chef Scott!