Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Job fair Stuff

Eck. Eck. Eck.

I don't like it one bit, this whole job finding thing.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are job fair days for technical students at CMU. The whole process is just gross. The entire space is jam packed with, Skanda agrees with me, smelly non-American students wearing ill-fit suits trying to push their way to the front of any line. It is just a sea black suits. Don't worry. I was not wearing a suit as I don't own a suit (a status something that don't want to have). Tomorrow is even going to be a Red tie day, it is going to be great.

Here are some highlights and low lights:

I gave out 25 resumes.

I have 3 interviews tomorrow. One with Union Pacific (yep the railroad company!), MIT Lincoln Labs and Northrop Grumman.

I picked up 4 bags, a USB hub, a fancy engineer ruler, 2 water bottles, hand sanitizer, 2 buttons, one sticker, one shirt, 3 flashlights, a stress ball in the shape of the world, breath mints and an assortment of pens.

Me: Hello, I'm Scott.
Recruiter: Hello, I'm so-and-so.
*slight awkward pause*
Me: Well, what do you guys do?
Recruiter: *in a very condecending voice* You are the one who is supposed to know that.
Me: Ok...
My inner dialogue: I want to punch you in the face.

I am really glad that I am a US citizen. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Recruiter: ...so that is what we do. Anything sound interesting?
Me: Nope, not really. I am more of an embedded, hardware/software guy.
Recruiter: Oh, you would be a perfect fit!
My inner dialogue: Why won't this guy let me walk away!

My feet hurt.

The line: "Well, you need to apply online" should be banned. Never spoken again.

I get to do more of this tomorrow! Yay!!! what joy!


  1. You are doing great. breathe... and red tie days are always good days!!

  2. I agree... Red tie days are always good days. Is it being worn with suspenders? Hang in there. If you find a great job you will never have to do this again!!! Remember there are lots of people rooting for you!

  3. I think you should bring back the mohawk for tomorrow. Stand out....

    then again it sounds like you stand out quite fine with your pale skin... not to mention the 6'3" working in your favor. Good luck tomorrow!

  4. Hang in there laddie. Tis a fine thing that awaits the patient and the well prepared.

    Good luck!