Friday, September 16, 2011

First Few Weeks

I know that I have been absent from this blog over the past few weeks. I would attribute this to a shift in lifestyle away from my computer. I am just not sitting in front of it all that often. But you all need to be kept up to date! So here is a highlights list of the past few weeks:

Movies Watched:
The Help - Good, not nearly worth the hype, but worth seeing
crazy, stupid, love - Great movie. Not your sappy Romantic Comedy, great story great acting.
Cube - French version of Saw. Interesting at best
(500) Days of Summer - more for that later
Watchmen - Gwyn had never seen this! My mother has seen this... I love this movie.

YadGrad has started up in full swing again. Labor Day was the annual BBQ  celebrating the start of the 'season.' Lots of new people, lots of fun things planned.

Like my Movie nights! Which started off great with (500) Days of Summer for the theme of  'quarter life crisis.' I found this to be a very entertaining movie, but among other things I felt as though I have been dating Summer (well at least her in the first half of the movie). For those of you who have not met Gwyn, you should rent this movie and watch it. Gwyn is Summer. You will feel like you know her by the end of the movie. To her defense, ignore Summer at the end of the movie, the part that the audience is persuaded to not like.

On that note, last Saturday Gwyn and I celebrated our 6 month dating anniversary. Both of us being highly susceptible to over stating the classiness of a given establishment we got all dressed up and went to The Olive Garden. Don't worry, I put on my suspenders and my bow tie (and also don't worry, I have more than one pair of both, so I am not just wearing around my black with black, this time it was orange stripes bow with green and black suspenders). It was a great evening of laughing and talking. And of course, never ending pasta.  

On the topic of Gwyn, she and I have frequented two very different musical groups in the past few.

First up: Pearl and The Beard. They were passing through town and decided to play at Wednesday Bluegrass night at the Park Place bar. It was great. They were in the back of this really narrow bar, playing without any audio equipment. As always they tore down the place, everyone in there was amazed and enthralled. I was wearing my shirt. They noticed it. They really liked the fact that there was a guy at one of their shows who they did not really know wearing a shirt. They then recognized us from the Garfield show a few months ago. So we had to get a picture. Ill try to get it from Gwyn and post it.

More recently, on Monday, Gwyn, Matt (a guy who is new to PGH from the Seminary) and I went to the Sham-Rock-n-Roll festival. Featuring The Parkington Sisters, The Mahones, Chuck Ragan, The Street Dogs, Stiff Little Fingers, and DROPKICK MURPHYS! Basically it was a Dropkick show, but they are touring with a bunch a great bands so they are making a (well deserved) big deal out of it. The show was down at the Trib Total Media Amphitheater, I was thinking the Gorge when I heard this. The only two thing this place had that were similar to the Gorge was 1) it was outside and 2) it had a great view. This was not an 'amphitheater' in the sense of a ramped seating area facing a lower concentric stage, it was just out side. I think what happened was that they build way too much parking lot, and they needed something useful to put on it. But, it is right across the river from Downtown, so the whole time you have a great view of the city. I am enjoying more and more outdoor shows, I don't know why you would ever do something like that inside... oh wait... Spokane winters. Ok nvmd. But the festival was great. Chris got me hooked on the Street Dogs about a year ago, and it was wonderful to finally see them, they are amazing. Like a lot of the music I enjoy much better live. And as always Dropkick put on a stellar show. In the middle there was a little acoustic set that was very nice. Lots of stuff from their new album, but they also threw in some old stuff too. I feel like the only person who would care about the details would be Chris, and I have already informed him. Oh, and for shirts: walked away with two. One Dropkick and One Street Dogs.

I did find it amusing as I was running in to the pit. I realized: "Oh my goodness! My parents dog is named after this band! Yeah Murphy!"

Other things in life: I have been doing a lot of Biking. I have only been 'almost hit' a hand full of times. I am getting used to clothespin laundry. And I am really enjoying being this close to school. I can go get ready for school right now (9:24) and get there for my 10:00 meeting! Yay!

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  1. Do you have a Stillar "Scott" license plate yet for your bike?