Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yay Sam and Andrew!

This past weekend I got the supreme honor of going to Spokane! I know! The honor was actually getting to be a witness to the marriage of Sam and Andrew. The wedding was beautiful, the reception was great. All around a very happy day.

Other highlights:
Hanging out with Alex, Ryan and Daren. I had a hankering for some Tots and a Malt (yep, that meant Zips) they put up with it.
Getting to enjoy breakfast with Jessie! Congrats to her for her new ring! (and fiancee) (@Frank's)
Hanging out with my family, including two super cute dogs. Getting beat at Puerto Rico by one single coin. Checking out Citadels (something that may need to be added to my collection). (some of it @Downriver)

Getting to have lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Griffith! (@Rocky's)

On a side note: Family, have I ever won PR? I don't think I have... I am always crushed by Dad's stunning (and drunk) agrarian society (who apparently dipped in to slavery this last game).

It was super fun weekend. The flights, while annoyingly long, were fine. Nothing super eventful.

I walked in to the apartment to see that it was all decked out for Halloween (more so than when I left). I think pictures are in call for showing off the blood dripping from the walls, and the scary face that greets me every morning (no, it is not Gwyn's).


  1. It was a SUPER weekend with Scottie home! And I want to see the decked out Coat Factory.