Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Second Ever

I witnessed my second earthquake today. It was unremarkable enough that Walking Dead, Dexter and the Debate got more attention from this apartment.

Gwyn and I were standing in our kitchen re-heating some enchiladas, having a detailed discussion about board games (I have been fixated on them recently, more on that later...), when there was a loud groan, and then rattling. Kind of like if Sasquatch was walking around upstairs. The plates shook a little, some glasses clinked... Gwyn got a little frightened, she asked what it was. As you could barely feel it with your body, I said it was probably an earthquake or an explosion. I then clarified that I hoped it was an earthquake, and no one got hurt.

Take that California. Unless the entire state of California ceded by natural tectonics from the continent, and we were just feeling the after shock. Then I feel really sorry for all of you, and I feel really bad for making a joke about it.

UPDATE: Check it out. Apparently this is the first sizable (4.0) earthquake in New England since 1940. Any yet still.... Walking Dead, Dexter and the Debate won over the interest.

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