Monday, October 1, 2012

Always Eating and Looking Good

Hello Again!

So a few weeks ago I was buying supplies for my photography class and came across sun printing.

Its this really cool paper that is light sensitive. Normally people place plants or small objects on top of them and then have a negative left on the paper. What's also cool is that the area touched by the sun turns a beautiful dark blue.

So I had a thought. What if I were to make negatives and then printed them on the sun paper? And the result? Beautiful new artwork for Scott and my kitchen.

I chose photos that showed us eating! So appropriate for a kitchen don't you think?

Anyway here are the pics.

Left of the window

Right of the window

this is Scotts favorite picture... needless to say it is not mine.

Turkey Leg!

I made the negatives on transparency paper. I reversed the image first so the photos would look "normal". Then put the negative on the sun paper and left it in direct sunlight for 2-3 minutes. Then I removed the transparency paper and soaked the image in cold water for a minute. Hang to dry and Viola! 

They make our little kitchen a bit snazzier don't you think?!