Saturday, September 8, 2012

Suprise Skanda

Yesterday at Noon:30 I got a text message from Skanda (old Pittsburgh roommate) to the affect of: "Hey buddy, I am at MIT, have any time to hang out? I leave in a few hours"

This message surprised me as Skanda lives in New York City, and there was no prior notice. Turns out it was his birthday, and his company gives employes their B-days off. So he had a free day. When he woke up, he said "I am going to Boston!" then got on a bus and came on up.

I was able to convince him to stay a little longer and had a chance to hang out with him for the afternoon/evening. We were able to surprise Gwyn (who did not know he was going to be around). The plan was to go watch a new movie that just came out, Sleepwalk with Me the is produced/made by the people who are also involved with This American Life. The plan fell through when driving to the theater, a thunderstorm opened up (possibly influenced by the whole hurricane thing down south last week) causing havoc to the Cambridge power system. When we walked in to the theater the lights were off, and the lobby was full of people. We were able to get passes to come back and see the film at a later date.

We went over to Kita's house and hung out in the dark playing bananagrams. All in all it was an awesome time! Thanks Skanda!

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  1. Very fun! Too bad not enough time to make a b'day cake... I remember how much he coveted the last one you made ;-)