Friday, May 6, 2011

Today, A Great Day

Last night at 5:15 PM I turned in the last item of the Spring 2011 semester. It was great. As soon as I e-mailed my paper to the professor, I hurried downstairs to make Enchiladas for Cinco De Mayo!

Today, I was in full relax mode. I got up a little late. I cleaned up my room (which was fairly bad). Played a little FarmVille (thanks to Chelsea and Gwyn) and then headed in to Oakland. Skanda and I had a meeting with the people who we will be subletting from next year. After a farily pointless meeting, as the lease was not fully printed out, and there was no working printer in the apartment, we headed down to a Greek Food festival in Oakland. It was great! I had my first Gyro in Pittsburgh. To be fair it was served to me by someone who very much looked Greek

I guess I should explain that last comment. There are a lot of shops that sell Gyros, but I am always hesitant as they are sold next to Philly Cheeseteaks and Pizza. I have, previously not tried a Gyro here for the fear of ruining my wonderful image of Athenian Glory. So today was a safe place to re-discover how good pitta and souvlaki is. It was good, not great.

After lunch, I spent some time practicing my juggling. It has been a long time, but I still have the skills! :) Oh, this does remind me that earlier in the day I was wasting time at the church (my bus got me to the apartment early). As I was standing there, a whole group of pre-school kids came out to watch me. It was great. Don't worry, the adults were there too... I didn't get mistaken for a child molester again.

Anyway. After hanging out for a bit, I met up with Gwyn. She had a break in her day. We took a quick trip to the main Carnegie Library. It is a really cool and huge library! It was fun!

No, after having some leftover Enchiladas, I am going to go hang out with Sam, Gwyn and some of Gwyn's extended family at Sharp Edge. Should be the perfect end to a great Friday. 


  1. A round of applause for a completed year of graduate studies... Well done! Too bad about the lease... hopefully tomorrow??? Good souvlaki is least it was at a Greek Festival... and hopefully brought back good memories of the "long hair and language barriers" trip :-) Sounds like a good, relaxing day... and the good news is that there are more to come!

  2. I can not believe you are finished already!! WOW ... Congrats!! What I really can't believe is that you only have one more semester left! Your Mom told me that the other day and I was shocked! Somehow I missed the memo that you were only going to be at CM for a year and a half. This is exciting!!

    Happy summer!!!!