Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

This post is specifically in honor of Stan and Laura. They called me out for not posting for the entirety of December.

It is true, life tried to get in the way of logging life here in Boston. Some of the major things that were going on:
1) Christmas! Planning/traveling/gift buying/decorating/and honest to goodness vacation took up a piece of the pie
2) Thanksgiving! I know this is more of a hold over from November, but there was a lot to do for that too.
3) Engagement Stuffs. I don't like planning things. More on this later...
4) Work. Work for me is still going really well, it just got really busy as we prepared for a presentation. I was working right up to my flight to California. Now, things have gotten back to normal pace.
5) FTC. I am, apparently, in charge of putting on a qualifier for the FTC program I am helping mentor. Turns out this is much more than I could handle, and I am struggling though it. I know event planning is not one of my gifts. I don't know how I ever said yes to this... oh wait... yes I do... I didn't know I was saying yes to!

and the lamest excuse ever: I cannot put pictures up! I have had a few recipes come up, but when I go to post pictures, Google dies and Picasa throws up. So my blog writing time is eaten by picture management time.

Christmas was great! I love being home, and I love spending time with family. Awesomely for me, Gwyn got to join me! She got the grand tour of Santa Rosa and Spokane, seeing wineries, Boo Radley's, Roccy's, A Zag's basketball game, Downtown Spokane with the falls... it was great! All of the time in between was spent eating, playing games (Yeah Twilight Struggle and Ticket to Ride!) and spending time with family. Oh, and moving TVs.

Gwyn and I are in the thick of wedding planning. We are trying to get our act together to see if a 2013 wedding date is possible. Ill let you know when we know more... I have read a number of things saying that I am not supposed to say too much about the first stages for fear of hurt feelings and missed expectations... maybe I will just let Gwyn inform you all on wedding stuff. Regardless  we had a wonderful party hosted by my mother in honor of our engagement when we were in Spokane. Thanks to everyone who was able to be there. And we are having a great time planning and dreaming.


  1. It was great to see you and meet Gwyn. Elope...

  2. How is my favorite engaged couple???